Exposing the silent pain: pain about 5 mud balls evokes desperate calls for help from stuffed dogs trapped in suffering, they cry for help, they are exhausted but no one cares ‎

Exposing the silent pain: pain about 5 mud balls evokes desperate calls for help from stuffed dogs trapped in suffering, they cry for help, they are exhausted but no one cares ‎

Millions of doggos all around the world spend more than half of their lifetime waiting for the perfect family.

Some wait in a shelter next to their other street buddies. Some get randomly (and I’d dare to say – miraculously) picked by good samaritans who just can’t let go when they see a dog in need. And some, unfortunately, never get one, and that’s just one sad truth!

When Surachet Klaewka, a man from Trang, Thailand, spotted moving balls of mud in a nearby well on his way to work, little did he know that this would be the day that would change his life forever!

Obviously, climbing down that narrow well was the best decision anyone could make at that point, as it turned out that those mud balls were actually puppies!

These puppies were sobbing from a well, helplessly calling out to their mom or someone to get them out, but no one even tried to help. All five of them were completely coated with mud, unable to see throughout the thick layer of mud that covered even their eyes.

It was a true miracle how these furballs didn’t suffocate, as they evidently spent at least several hours in the well.

Klaewka pulled them out, one by one, until he was sure that all of them were finally safe! His assumption is that the puppies were either delivered in the well or taken there by their mom for safekeeping.

muddy puppies bathed by their savior

Klaewka decided to give the puppies a nice, refreshing bath to wash the mud off their coat. Even though they were obviously still in shock, the puppies seemed quite relaxed around their rescuer, as if they instinctively knewpuppies after a refreshing bath that he was their guardian angel!

A couple of hours later, and five distinctive mini treatments, the puppies were ready to go! As he finally removed the muck, he found out that all five of them were indeed adorable and extremely fluffy!

fluffy pup enjoying cuddles after a bath

Even though the original idea was to put the puppies up for adoption after he saved them from the well, Klaewka and his family decided to adopt the puppies themselves!

They were just so cute and adorable that it would’ve been so wrong to separate them from each other, and Klaewka knew that!

fluffy pup meets his new owner

It wasn’t so hard to get used to the fact that from now on, the family is bigger by five new members, as everyone immediately fell in love with their new fluffy brothers and sisters!

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