Dwayne Johnson hints at big surprises as rumors swirl about John Cena and Stone Cold's WrestleMania comeback.-ltbl

Dwayne Johnson hints at big surprises as rumors swirl about John Cena and Stone Cold’s WrestleMania comeback.-ltbl

WrestleMania has always been full of surprises, twists, and moments that fans can never forget. Every year, the grandest stage of them all lives up to its name, and 2024 seems to be no different.

Now, the Show of Shows has started just yesterday. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, a WWE legend and Hollywood A-lister, recently sent the wrestling world into a frenzy with his cryptic comments regarding WrestleMania’s second night.

People are already hyped about the possible returns of John Cena and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and The Rock’s comments have only made the anticipation even crazier!

Dwayne Johnson’s Hints Fuels John Cena and Stone Cold’s Return Speculation

During the WWE‘s post-WrestleMania press conference, WWE Superstars like Rhea Ripley, Jade, Naomi, Bianca Belair, Roman Reigns, and Triple H took questions from the media.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was also there. When a reporter asked him about surprises for the second night of WrestleMania, The Brahma Bull didn’t give a straight answer.

Instead, he joked around and avoided the question. He hinted that fans should expect surprises, keeping even his rival Cody Rhodes guessing. The Hollywood star went on to say:

“You can, absolutely. Final Boss can’t tell you that, I have to keep everybody guessing including Cody Rhodes…..You can sure expect the unexpected and a lot of surprises. Appreciate it you taking a swing.”
This unclear response came as speculation about John Cena and Steve Austin’s return. The American Nightmare’s quest to win the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship faced a setback on Day 1 of WrestleMania when he and Seth Rollins were defeated by The Rock and Roman Reigns.

Now, according to the stipulation, since the two lost, Rhodes must face Reigns on Day 2 in a Bloodline Rules match. However, Cena and Stone Cold might step in to assist the 38-year-old.

John Cena Teases WrestleMania Return Alongside Stone Cold
The big stories at WrestleMania 40 revolved around Cody Rhodes, The Rock, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins. Fans were eager to see if Rhodes could win the WWE Undisputed Championship and complete his journey by defeating Reigns in their WrestleMania 40 rematch. However, that scenario didn’t come to fruition.

Beating someone as tough as Reigns, especially with his Bloodline backing him up, was a big challenge for Rhodes. Plus, with The Rock joining the Bloodline this year, it made things even harder. Rollins is supporting Rhodes, but he was busy dealing with Drew McIntyre. That left Rhodes on his own against Roman Reigns and The Rock.

There were reports before that said John Cena and Stone Cold Steve Austin might come back to help Rhodes against these tough opponents. They’re some of The Rock’s biggest rivals, so their return could make a big impact.

The Cenation Leader has been dropping hints about his return to WrestleMania 40 recently. Just a few days ago, he posted a picture of The Ringmaster on his official Instagram account, asking, “Stone Cold Show Up At Mania?”‘

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