Devoted canine refuses to leave dying companion’s side, weeps and attempts to rouse them after tragic car accident. – giang

In a heart-wrenching incident that has left many people in tears, a loyal dog in China stayed by the side of its dying friend on a busy road…

In a heart-wrenching incident that has left many people in tears, a loyal dog in China stayed by the side of its dying friend on a busy road. The brown husky had been hit by a passing vehicle and lay motionless in the middle of the road in Zhejiang Province on April 17.

For at least 30 minutes, the husky remained in the same position, while its cream-colored friend stood guard over the body, pawing at the husky’s lifeless body and trying to wake it up.

Video footage of the incident shows the upset dog kneeling by the side of the road, crying and barking mournfully.

Despite the cream-colored dog’s efforts to revive its friend, the husky remained still. A few bystanders gathered at the side of the road, but none of them could identify the reason for the collision.

After half an hour, a woman in a black dress appeared and called the husky’s name. She confirmed to an on-duty cop that she was the owner of the dogs.

The cream-colored dog followed its dead friend as the owner took it to the side of the road and called for assistance.

The incident has touched the hearts of many animal lovers around the world.

Dogs are known for their loyalty and love for their companions, and this heartbreaking story is a testament to that bond. It is a reminder that we should always treat animals with kindness and respect, and do our best to protect them from harm.

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