Despite being on the brink of death and countless unimaginable sufferings, the hungry, injured, and abandoned pitbull persevered with hope for a brighter future. - Giang

Despite being on the brink of death and countless unimaginable sufferings, the hungry, injured, and abandoned pitbull persevered with hope for a brighter future. – Giang

When we arrived to carry out our weekly rescue mission on a Saturday, we stumbled upon a pitiful sight that we never expected. In front of us lay a poor, malnourished, and injured Pitbull. The sight of him was utterly heart-wrenching, and we couldn’t help but wonder what kind of person would leave a helpless creature in such a state.

At first, we thought he was dead, but as we drew closer, we noticed that he was still breathing. Startled by our presence, he began to move, fear evident in his eyes. We cautiously approached and gently placed a muzzle on him as a precaution before taking him with us.

His condition was dire, with a severe infection in his penis, a high fever, pus oozing from multiple wounds, and countless ticks and flies feasting on his frail body. We were appalled and couldn’t fathom how any human being could inflict such suffering on a defenseless animal.

But, as we offered him food, hope began to glimmer. He started eating, which was a positive sign. We knew it would be an uphill battle to nurse this Pitbull back to health, but we were determined to see him through it.

Day 2: We named him Salvador, a fitting name for a survivor.

Day 3: Tomorrow, Salvador will visit the veterinarian for a thorough examination, including blood tests and X-rays. We need to determine whether his weakness is due to malnutrition or if he has sustained injuries or fractures.

Despite his suffering, Salvador’s will to live is undeniable. He already recognizes us and seeks our help, though the fear in his eyes remains. We can’t help but wonder about the harrowing experiences he has endured.

Day 4: Salvador’s spirits are lifting. He now welcomes Ruben’s visits, no longer flinching at the touch of a gentle hand. Our faith in his recovery grows stronger.

Day 7: After a week of treatment with anti-inflammatories, B-complex vitamins, and good nutrition, Salvador has started to walk again. Though still unsteady on his feet, we have no doubt that he’ll continue to make progress.

Day 20: Salvador’s spirit remains strong, and he’s making strides in his recovery. We couldn’t be prouder.

Day 40: Salvador continues to persevere, and our love for him only grows.

On his 48th day with us, Salvador was adopted by a compassionate woman named Marina Cuadros. She was the first to witness his suffering and has been instrumental in his recovery. From providing him with delicious homemade meals to offering her unwavering support, Marina has shown Salvador what it means to be loved.

The road ahead may be long and challenging, but we believe that Marina’s dedication and love will help Salvador overcome any obstacles.

Day 200: Salvador is now thriving, having gained weight and found joy in his new life. We are immensely grateful to Marina and all those who have supported his journey.

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