Despite Being Among NBA's Top Earners, Kyrie Irving Calls a Modest Ohio Mansion Home, Valued at Less Than $1 Million

Despite Being Among NBA’s Top Earners, Kyrie Irving Calls a Modest Ohio Mansion Home, Valued at Less Than $1 Million

Irving, who was selected first overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2011 NBA Draft, paid $800,000 to acquire a 5,500-square-foot residence from former Cavaliers Daniel Gibson and his wife Keyshia Cole. Irving resided in this residence until he forcibly left Cleveland and was subsequently transferred to the Boston Celtics.

Here are some photographs of the 5,500-square-foot mansion owned by Kyrie Irving.









The previous mansion owned by Irving in Cleveland was comprised of six bathrooms and four bedrooms. The mansion is adorned with numerous basketball-themed accents, such as a basketball hoop in the living room and a basketball arena situated outside the residence. Moreover, during his free time from basketball, Irving most likely utilized the home gym, movie theater, or recording studio of the mansion. In addition, the master bedroom and master ensuite of Irving’s opulent residence feature an elegant walk-in closet. Although Irving resided in this mansion during the height of his career, he ultimately sold it. The Westlake mansion was initially sold by the NBA champion in 2017 for $1.7 million. Nonetheless, following his inability to locate a purchaser, Irving resorted to the meager sale of the property for $755,000.

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