Davido marked his daughter’s third birthday extravagantly in the expansive villa.

Nigerian artist Davido has shown off the interior of his mansion on Banana Island. The pianist went above and above to turn his house into a stunning mansion.

Many people were in awe after Davido showed off the mansion’s interior and outside on his Instagram story.

His TV and impressive collection of cars attracted a lot of attention. His TV is valued at N68 million, according to Isreal DMW, the singer’s personal logistics manager, as stated by Kemi Filani news.

The singer renovated his villa on Banana Island to a high degree by hiring upscale interior decorators.

Israel excitedly showcased the pricey TV on his Instagram page. He says Davido purchased four of the seventeen million dollar TVs. For television, the musician spent 68,000,000 NIGERIAN NAIRAS.but wax lyrical about his luxurious way of life.

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