Captured Moments: Documenting the Natural Birth Journey of a Young Mother

Captured Moments: Documenting the Natural Birth Journey of a Young Mother

Captured Moments: Documenting the Natural Birth Journey of a Young Mother

Monet Moutrie had a very unexpected and unique second birth experience. As a birth photographer, Monet Moutrie has photographed hundreds of other mothers giving birth. Her photos have also won many high prizes in international photo contests, such as pictures of babies just coming out of their mothers’ wombs, pictures of mothers holding their babies with their umbilical cord intact or images of mothers who are still in the womb.

Struggling with a painful baby… Although she has witnessed many normal births as well as caesarean sections, the female photographer is still confused when this time, the main character of the series of birth photos is herself and she is not directly is the person holding the phone.

Right before the birth of this second child, Monet Moutrie was still taking pictures for a client: “When I finished the shoot, I went home feeling very relaxed, inspired, and looking forward to my birth. . However, I can’t imagine what it would be like when I was on someone else’s camera.”

She added: ‘I want to give birth during the day because I love natural light but maybe the birth can’t be under my control.

Monet Moutrie said when the labor pains came, she no longer knew when photographer Jennifer Mason – who took Monet’s birth photos – raised the camera. She was also unable to pose for a photo shoot as planned. So the mother of two understands that the beauty of birth photography depends on how the photographers capture the moment because the mother doesn’t know anything at that time.

Fortunately, Monet Moutrie’s birth went quite smoothly as she did not have to spend too much effort and time waiting. She also had a satisfied birth photo set when photographer Jennifer captured Monet’s entire process from childbirth to childbirth and postpartum.

Follow the birth journey of female photographer Monet Moutrie:

The young mother is quite calm in the face of the second birth.

By her side is always her husband and midwives to support her.

Monet Moutrie shared, when faced with labor pain, she did not know when the photographer raised the camera.

Monet Moutrie burst into tears in the face of the pain.

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