Burna's 'Wow' reaction to his house leaves everyone in awe!

Burna’s ‘Wow’ reaction to his house leaves everyone in awe!

Burna Boy, a Grammy winner, has just settled into a seven-bedroom house in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial and artistic hub, at the beginning of 2020. The two-story Lekki mansion, designed by Burna’s architect Akose Enebeli, was built so that Burna could live by himself.

An Exclusive Tour of Burna Boy's Luxurious Lagos Mansion, Courtesy of  Architectural Digest | BellaNaija


When Burna saw Enebeli’s plans for his own new home in the not-too-distant future, he was ecstatically “mind blown” and had many residences throughout the world. Burna is a famous Nigerian singer, composer, and rapper. “He just kept saying ‘wow, wow you’re bursting my brain,’” Enebeli explains to AD.

Tour Burna Boy's Stunning Home in Lagos, Nigeria | Architectural Digest

Enebeli’s design is a peaceful 13,000 square foot refuge in the middle of frenetic Lagos, a megacity with 20 mιllιon inhabitants. The enormous building has a serene façade of beige and gray and is outfitted with all the amenities of modern luxury living. It features lofty ceilings, a personal theater, lounges, and a game room inside. Tall windows and a lot of garage space are also included.

Tour Rapper Burna Boy's Nigerian Home

The 3,700 square foot building, which is split into two separate sections, was designed by Enebeli and his colleagues to maximize natural light.

Of Burna Boy's 13,000 square foot oasis and other millionaire homes we  dream of - The Standard Entertainment

A recording studio, a gym, and guest artist accommodations are all together in one area. For Burna, the other is a more private space. It has his principal bedroom suite, private terrace, and the gathering place for his closest friends.

An Exclusive Tour of Burna Boy's Luxurious Lagos Mansion, Courtesy of  Architectural Digest | BellaNaija


Without doors, the downstairs rooms form a continuous, open space with one interior flowing directly into the next. The main living room, which opens to a sizable window overlooking the manicured gardens, is noteworthy.

A tour of Burna Boy's stunning home in Lagos, Nigeria - MyJoyOnline

Burna was born in Port Harcourt, a region in Nigeria’s Rivers State, about 384 miles distant. The compound, as a whole, conjures the tranquility of the lagoons, creeks, and the flora of that area. Burna states, “I have a lot of Rivers stuff, water noises. “It’s very water-inspired, that’s all. It’s serene. Nature communicates with me.

It was preferred that the interior of the house have all-white walls. Burna purchased the enormous golden insect parts, the half-horse marble sculpture, the female bust, and the Throne of Grace in Lagos’s Throne of Grace. The bicycle artwork was produced by Atelier 225.

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