Breaking Barriers: 21-Year-Old Born Without Limbs Redefines Possibilities


Being disabled does not mean that you can’t.

It just means that you have to take a slightly different path from other people.

It doesn’t mean that you’re helpless.

It means that you’re differently about and you can still do a lot.

He is called Emmanuel, a 21 year old that was born without limbs.

He says that living without limbs has been a very great challenge to him, to the extent that he had to run away from his parents and come to the city.

He did not do this because his parents never loved him.

They really cared and loved him a lot, but since they could not afford to buy for him a wheelchair, he decided to come to the city, look for the money and buy it for himself.

Today we visited Emmanuel, who decided to prove his family wrong, because they did each and everything for him and they never believed that there was anything that he could do for himself, because they considered him helpless.

His parents and doctors were shocked because he seemed normal through the scans that they took when his mother was still pregnant and since all the children she had given birth to were no more.

This shocked her a lot.

They had nothing else to do.

Rather than accepting what had happened, they took the baby home and started raising him, just like other children, but since he was disabled, it was not as easy as it sounds and it was very awesome.

Instead started growing up and it was time for taking him to school.

They completely got confused, because he couldn’t walk there and neither did he have the arms or even hands to ride.

Once they got there, the school management didn’t think that this was a good idea.

They couldn’t give him a place in school because, according to the school principle, it was going to do more harm than good to this young boy.

He said that this was a school of no more children and if Emmanuel got admitted, he would be the only disabled one.

This means that a lot of children would keep laughing at him and calling him names, and this would obviously make him hurt and make him feel uncomfortable.

He advised them to take him to the school of the disabled, because this is where he had a place.

Seeing other disabled children would make him feel better, knowing that he is not alone.

His parents accepted and they still couldn’t do it.

They knew that this was a very good idea, but the school of the disabled was very expensive and it was obvious that they couldn’t afford it at all.

What they had to do was to bring him back home, because they had trade all they could but still failed.

Living with him at home was one of the hardest thing that his parents ever faced.

For the 21 years that he has lived, they have been doing each and everything for him, like taking him to the toilet and showering him.

They have to bathe him and take him to the toilet as well, because he does not have arms.

They have to be by his side all the time because, again, they cannot afford to pay someone that will take care of him.

This is what made their lives even harder.

As he was growing and getting older, it was obvious that he was getting heavier.

They needed a wheelchair for him, but they also couldn’t afford this too.

Unfortunately, they also had nothing to do about this, and this was when Emmanuel started thinking about himself.

He was thinking about how he was not able to go in school in the first place, how treatment is impossible and how his parents are too poor to affordable chair for him, and how they have to keep showering and taking him to the toilet like a baby.

They never at all wanted him out of their sight, because it seemed her place.

He used to stay inside the house from sunrise to sunset.

This was one of the things that he was completely tired of and he felt like he should change.

He says that what he decided to do was not a good idea at all, but it was the only way to prove to his parents that, though he was disabled, he could do some things for himself because he was grown early.

The next morning he did something that he never thought that he would do.

He ran away from home.

He was disabled and he could not help himself.

He knew that if he told his parents about this, they wouldn’t let him go, and this is why he had to plan and do each and everything on his own from the very start.

Emmanuel says that what he wants is to get money that is enough to buy for him a wheelchair, and this is when he would go back home to the village where his family lives.

This would make him proud that he at least managed to achieve something for himself.

He was on the roadside in the morning and he kept asking us: we’re passing by for help.

Many of them did not care and just passed by.

One of them was kind enough to stop and listen to this young and disabled boy.

All he asked for was a ride to the city.

This good Samaritan was kind enough to take him there at no cost.

This is how Emmanuel go to the city, but ever since then, life has never been easy for him.

He knew that disabled people sit along the streets in the city and beg for coins.

This was exactly what he had in mind and had plans of saving the money until it was enough to buy for him a wheelchair, and he thought it was that easy.

When he got to the city, he sat on the streets and started begging for money, but no one ever cared, and he was on the streets the entire day.

He did not manage to get a single coin on the first day, which means that he wasn’t also able to eat.

The knight came and he slept on the streets because he knew no one in the city.

He did not have a house to sleep in, and this now became a disaster to him.

He kept on regretting why he did this in the first place, but he couldn’t back off.


Life became so hard for him and he now hardly gets anything to eat.

He doesn’t think that he will be able to go back home anytime soon as a free Max.

We want Emmanuel to go back to his home because life on the streets is not guaranteed and he may end up losing his life.

He needs a wheelchair to ease his life and these funds will be donated via giving life a link.

That is in the description of this video and pinning the top, most comment by of Max English.

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of the overwhelming obstacles, however impossible they seem.

Thank you for watching.

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