Bored of supercars, Rich Ross brought himself a plane with his own name engraved just to roam around America under the sky

Bored of supercars, Rich Ross brought himself a plane with his own name engraved just to roam around America under the sky.

On Instagram, Rick Ross has been showing off his recently acquired private plane. The 18-passenger aircraft has the rapper “Hustlin’”‘s name engraved in gold on the side. On Friday, he posted a number of images and videos of the aircraft. Renaming it “Maybach Airlines,” Ross expressed his gratitude to business jet provider Duncan Aviation for the aircraft.

The plane is a 2012 Gulfstream G 550 with two Rolls-Royce engines, according to Auto Evolution. “$5 billion play,” Ross uttered in a video recorded beside the aircraft. “Who would like to travel the globe with Ricky Rozay? I am informing you at this moment.” “Let’s take our hustle around the world,” he stated. “Hey Africa, how are you? Greece, how are you? We recently left Monaco, a wealthy country.

According to TMZ, Ross flaunted the aircraft’s opulent interior design and automated amenities, which included automated shades and a self-folding table. He wrote, “Sky’s the limit,” as the caption for a photo he posted on Instagram of the plane. Ross held his second annual auto exhibition earlier this month at his Promise Land home in Fayetteville, Georgia.

In addition to thousands of auto fans who came to see the unique cars on show, several of Ross’s fellow rappers attended the event. In addition to Meek Mill and Gucci Mane entertaining the crowd on stage, Tyler, the Creator also made an unexpected visit to Ross. A video of them meeting was posted by Ross, who in 2011 attempted to sign Tyler to his record company.

About Tyler, Ross remarked, “Y’all know he on some 2030 bullshit.” “You are aware of the situation. Flown by. How many years ago was the day my friend took me to L.A. via plane?” Around seven, Tyler answered. “I saw how amazing it was how he had everything set up seven years ago. You all know what it is, we are here,” Ross remarked.

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