Blossoming Love: Anthony Davis and Marlen P's Unforgettable Wedding Moments Captured

Blossoming Love: Anthony Davis and Marlen P’s Unforgettable Wedding Moments Captured

The Lakers star himself had the time of his life at NBA player Anthony Davis’ wedding in Los Angeles over the weekend. There are many videos to prove it.

Davis married his longtime girlfriend Marlen P. in front of his loved ones, notable acquaintances, and former and current teammates.

The reception included lots of singing and dancing, especially from the groom. Literally, on the microphone, he heard his fiancée’s plea “Never Make a Promise” by Dru Hill.

Additionally, he was seen swaying and singing on stage with New Edition during a performance of the classic “If It Is Not Love.” At the event, a guest recorded the excitement while simultaneously trying to pin Adele, another guest, with her drink and two-steps. She is said to be flirting with Rich Paul, an agent and friend of LeBron James.

Guests included Adele, LeBron James, Jared Dudley, Quinn Cook, and former teammates including DeMarcus Cousins, in addition to Davis’ other teammates, Russell Westbrook (he and LeBron used to carpool together, which we love), Jared Dudley and Quinn Cook.

Although Davis and his new wife have been together since at least 2017, they maintain a relatively private relationship. Nala, their daughter together, was born in 2017. In 2020, in response to a question regarding the impact of her family accompanying her to Orlando during the infamous bubble season (in which the Lakers won the NBA championship), he said that their presence in matches and poor performances on the court were very beneficial. Many athletes are unable to take their families with them due to factors such as their children’s school schedules and other commitments.

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