Blessed Beyond Measure: The Heartfelt Journey of a 28-Year-Old Mother Raising 9 Children

28-year-old Chloe Dunst resides in Australia with her husband Roan, and they are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their ninth child into their remarkable family.

Their life’s journey didn’t follow a meticulously planned script, even though they had always dreamt of having a large family. Nonetheless, the twists and turns have made them not only profoundly content but also leading a remarkably active lifestyle.

Nine years ago, at the tender age of 19, Khloé gave birth to her first child, Evan. Shortly thereafter, she found herself pregnant once more. A year later, Evan welcomed a baby brother named Otto, and another year later, the family grew again with the addition of their third child, Felix. At this point, one might assume their family was complete, given that they already had quite a few children. Nevertheless, Khloe and Roan still yearned for a daughter to complement their brood. Fate had a surprise in store, as Khloe became pregnant yet again, and this time, the pregnancy brought an unexpected twist: she was carrying triplets – two boys and a girl. The triplets arrived prematurely, at just 28 weeks, and were delivered via caesarean section.

Following the birth of the triplets – Pearl, Henry, and Rufus – Chloe and Roan decided to take a break from expanding their family and focus on the children they already had. However, after four years, the mother of many children announced her pregnancy once more. In October 2020, she gave birth to twins, once again, boys.

Presently, Khloe and Rohan Dunst are raising a brood of eight children, including their only daughter. Despite their large family, they remain exceptionally active and open-hearted, centering their lives around their children, which comes as no surprise. Chloe maintains an Instagram blog, @chloeandbeans, where she consistently shares photos with her children, records videos, and posts on her vlog, humorously titled “Life with Beans” – a playful nod to her beloved children.

But there’s more to their story. Together with her husband, Chloe has launched an online store where they sell and recommend educational toys and children’s books, all carefully selected based on their own children’s experiences

Khloe Dunst, now a mother of eight, is currently 28 weeks pregnant with her next child, expected to arrive in February 2022. She has chosen not to reveal the baby’s gender, opting for it to be a delightful surprise, whether a boy or a girl.

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