Baboon Devours Gazelle Alive, Mother’s Distress Echoes, and Hyenas Join the Unbelievable Scene.

This is the moment when a baboon launches a daring attack on not one but two helpless Thompson’s gazelle in the Mara.

a seasoned safari enthusiast and photographer captured this heartbreaking sighting and shared it with

“As our four-day safari in Mara North Conservancy unfolded, we couldn’t help but feel that we were experiencing something akin to an average Kruger trip in terms of cat sightings. Little did we know that the most astonishing sightings of our journey was about to unfold on the very last game drive.”

The breathtaking landscapes of the Mara North Conservancy in Kenya have long been known to offer some of the most incredible wildlife sightings on the planet.

“On this particular day we had been driving around in search of something special, when we finally got our once in a lifetime sighting. It just happened to be a little different than we had ever imagined.”

“As we ventured deeper into the conservancy, a sudden commotion caught our attention. In the distance, a lone baboon was sprinting at full speed, clutching something small in its jaws. Intrigued, we rushed closer to investigate, with our cameras ready.”

“To our astonishment, the baboon was carrying a lifeless Thompson’s gazelle fawn in its mouth. It was apparent that the young gazelle had met a tragic fate, but our attention was soon diverted to the two jackals hot on the baboon’s tail. A short chase ensued, but the jackals eventually snatched the gazelle away from the baboon.”


Baboons are omnivores, which means they eat a variety of foods. They don’t just eat plants or meat; they eat both!

Baboons munch on fruits, leaves, and other plants, but they also like insects and small animals. This diverse diet helps them stay healthy and strong in the wild.

“However, the baboon showed no signs of surrender. In a heartbeat, mere moments after losing its grip on the first gazelle, the baboon launched itself with fierce determination at another unsuspecting Thompson’s gazelle fawn, its eyes locked onto the prize. He managed to catch the gazelle before it even knew what hit it.”

“This time he was able to hold onto his prize. He then ran off before anyone or anything could steal his meal again.

Once at a safe distance he began to eat the gazelle alive, with the distressed mother of the fawn nearby, her pitiful cries echoing in the air. As if on cue, the scent of blood and distress calls attracted a group of hyenas to the scene.”

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