Ayla’s Journey: From Suffering to Hope

This is Ayla, a tiny pup of just 2.5 months old when Krista found her. Words fail to capture the immense suffering she endured: starvation, mange, and shivering as she crawled on the ground.

Krista wasted no time in rushing Ayla to the veterinarian. The clinic check revealed the extent of her poor health; it was evident that she had ingested a stone, likely due to a calcium deficiency, leading to malformation in both her front legs. This forced Ayla to drag herself along the ground, causing severe abrasions and harm over time.

Currently, Ayla is under intensive care at the hospital, where medical professionals are doing everything in their power to heal her. Recovery may be a lengthy process, possibly up to three months, but with dedicated care, there is hope for improvement. Thankfully, X-rays showed no fractured bones, offering a glimmer of hope for her ability to walk again.

In addition to medical treatment, Ayla has also been taken for sunbaths and provided with nourishing meals. Though she still struggles with itching from mange, Ayla’s spirits are uplifted, and she remains a resilient and brave patient throughout her ordeal.

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