As her owner sells her puppies, a mother dog is overcome with sorrow, shedding tears and grappling with her emotions, unable to contain her distress-pvth

When the mother dog witnessed the owner selling the puppies, she begged the owner to reconsider. The maternal affection of the mother dog touches many individuals.

A video of a dog pulling and pleading with its owner not to sell the puppies generated fury in the internet community lately. Every viewer’s heart has been affected by this Tiktok video, which has 1.9 million views and 151.4 thousand hearts.

The video depicts a dog who is always gripping the owner’s hand. The owner may be seen carrying a puppy at the moment. The owner wanted to sell the puppy at the moment, according to the individual who shared the video. Despite being aware of the owner’s actions, the mother dog continued to tug and beg the owner.

Shedding Tears When Seeing Mama Dog Begging & Refraining When Seeing Owner Sell Her Puppies

It is an emotional act to hold the kid and beg the owner not to sell the child.

Many netizens shared their feelings in the comments section after seeing this brief film. We don’t always spend enough time with our families and parents because of our hectic lives. Parents, on the other hand, will never criticize their children and will always extend their arms unconditionally to protect them.

“After seeing this video, I’m in tears.”

“Dogs may be more emotional than humans at times,” she says. “Do not sell her puppies.”

“Do not sell her puppies.” It bothers my heart.”

“I prefer dogs over humans.”

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