All of Jason Statham’s punches in four minutes!-huy678d

All of Jason Statham’s punches in four minutes!-huy678d

All of Jason Statham’s punches in four minutes!

Whenever you hear the term “British tough guy”, your mind can’t help but immediately flash an image of Jason Statham through your head. With a grizzled, raspy accent and facial stubble you could sand drywall with, his are fists that no man wants to be on the receiving end of, and there’s no shortage of people who can attest to that.

Watch a supercut of every time Jason Statham punched someone in a movie |  National Post

Things That Only Jason Statham Can Do In Movies – Jason Statham – Movie  Action Hero

He’s quite literally made a career out of unleashing his punishing martial arts skills on countless onscreen opponents, so much so that the task of tallying each punch he’s ever thrown seems an impossible task.

Time to Statham Punch

Jason Statham VS The Rock | Fast and Furious 7 | Extrait VF - YouTube

Fortunately, the good people at Burger Fiction have risen to the occasion, as can be seen in their recent video that dares to answer that most immortal of riddles -How many punches has Jason Statham thrown?

Esquire on X: "Here's Every Punch Jason Statham Has Thrown On Film" / X

So, kick back, readers, because they’ve tallied up everything from “The Transporter” series to “Crank” to his recent villainous turn in “Furious 7” to give the world Every Jason Statham Punch Ever!


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