Airport Adventure: Woman’s Journey Takes an Unexpected Turn with the Arrival of a Lively Police Dog

During a trip from Japan to Brisbane, Australia, passenger Sarah Jeanette had a lengthy layover in the city of Cairns.

Despite the fact that Jeanette would have liked a more direct route to her destination, the layover in Cairns turned out to be an unforeseen high point of her journey.


While waiting for her next flight at the airport, Jeanette observed a police K9 and his handler taking a break just outside the terminal’s large windows.

That was the moment when Jeanette saw what the duo does during their off-duty time.

And, well, it was extremely cute.

Jeanette described the playful moment as a “core memory” — a sweet scene she won’t soon forget.

“They’d been playing for a while, and I thought it was really cute, so I decided to film it,” Jeanette told The Dodo. “I’m a dog lover! So it definitely made the layover much more bearable!”

At Cairns Airport, there are a number of dogs that work hard to detect and stop prohibited items from entering the country, but their iportant role doesn’t stop them from enjoying themselves as well.

“It’s definitely nice to know these hardworking dogs still get to have some fun on the job!” Jeanette said.

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