A street vendor generously shares his sole meal with a puppy nestled on his back.-HoangGA

A street vendor generously shares his sole meal with a puppy nestled on his back.-HoangGA

A homeless puppy faces everyday challenges as he searches for a forever home with a family or individual who will love him unconditionally regardless of their financial situation. That’s no secret, and it’s why there are always so many dogs panhandling in busy downtown areas, as fancy4work points out.

We received these pictures from Cali, Colombia, that have gone viral on social media and prove that generosity can come from anywhere—not just the abundance of money or other goods—but from a good heart. The scene’s protagonists, a reporting worker and his dog, are what make it so moving.

On the central berm of El Ro Avenue sat a man who appears to make his living honestly by selling candies, and on his back was a well-cared-for puppy.

The dog, maybe a Labrador retriever mix, wouldn’t live to be four months old, but the man’s unselfish care for the animal touched the hearts of everyone who passed by.

A closer look reveals that the guy is allowed to share his lunch with the furry, regardless of how small it may be or whether or not it is the furry’s sole meal of the day.

This tweet tells the story of @Davimusicoficial, a Colombian singer-songwriter who decided to share the kind acts of a random stranger with his fans and the rest of the globe.

Young man: “Sometimes the one who has the least is the one who gives the most,” referring to the worker’s selfless act.

It’s not easy to make a living doing what that man does, especially when you have to work in the hot sun or the pouring rain and put up with the sneering of some customers. Actually, the topic may give the furry one what little he has because life on the streets is not easy.

He took the puppy in because he realized how vulnerable it would be on the streets and wanted to provide it with a safe haven.

How many animals have decent food and shelter provided by people who have plenty of money but no compassion? David and the 682,015 people who have said they enjoy the recording were moved by the man’s humility and honesty.

A blessing on this person who gives both food and love, as Mabel Suarez put it.

It’s also been pointed out that the dog appears to be properly taken care of, as evidenced by the fact that it’s wearing a vest. As the vendor shows with this dog, it’s not only about meeting their physical needs.

We ask that locals who see the shopkeeper selling candies on the street be courteous to him and his dog. Given that not only he, but also his cute puppy, relies on the things he sells, it’s worth our while to assist him.

There may be a lot of bad news out there and a lot of people that make us look bad as a species, but there are also things like this that give us hope for a better tomorrow and a different kind of world.

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