A stray dog ​​with a broken eye experiences the transformative power of love, discovering the warmth of affection and care-HoangGA

When Animal Help Unlimited in India learned of an injured stray pet that needed help, they sent rescuers to the scene immediately.

Rescuers found an unsuitable pet, Penny, who had been involved in a car accident. Life on the streets is difficult for a pet, especially in a country like India, where the street population has skyrocketed.

According to Humane Culture, India is home to more than 30 million stray dogs (and also has the highest human mortality rate from rabies in the world).

With so many dogs competing for space, food and also life, being injured as a stray can lead to excruciating pain or even death. That very likely would have happened to Dime if Animal Aid Unlimited hadn’t stepped in to help.

When rescuers discovered Dime, they immediately saw that he had a damaged eye.

She was rushed to their medical center for a test, which revealed that the rest of her face was unharmed from the car accident. Her eye, on the other hand, could not be repaired and would have to be removed.

Despite looking away, Dime’s future was actually on his mind and he seemed to be aware of it. Penny began to relax and trust the people around her after just one day at the rescue hospital. She was breaking through her veil!

Penny began to grow into a beautiful and energetic pet after recovering from surgical therapy. “Love is seen with the heart, not with the eyes,” the rescuer said succinctly. The surgery freed Penny from excruciating pain. The vision of her is blurry, but you can see the love inside the heart.”

Dime is now a happy, invigorated canine with lots of love to give! His entire life has been transformed in the best way imaginable and he will never have to live on the streets again.

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