A Legendary Legacy Continues: Sports Illustrated Pays Tribute to LeBron James’ Iconic ‘Chosen One’ Cover, Featuring Bronny and Bryce as ‘The Chosen Sons’


In 2002, LeBron James shook the world up when he was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated with the bold words ‘Chosen One’ written across the cover and claiming that the then high school junior LeBron would be a lock to be drafted into the NBA.

That cover increased the expectations of one of the most touted prospects to enter the NBA Draft, and everybody was waiting to see how LeBron would possibly match the incredible hype he was coming in with. For many, that cover turned them off LeBron before he even played an NBA game. It’s safe to say that LeBron proved why he was the Chosen One, racking up an incredible career which may be highlighted by him becoming the league’s all-time top scorer this season.

LeBron James' Iconic 'Chosen One' Cover Got A Tribute From Sports Illustrated With Bronny And Bryce As 'The Chosen Sons' On A Recent Cover

His sons, Bronny and Bryce James are featured on Sports Illustrated’s latest cover that does a deep dive into the James family, even discussing the possibility of LeBron not only playing with Bronny but also his younger son Bryce.

Whether a 43-year-old LeBron James can continue competing atop the basketball world until his younger son is drafted is another question, but will he want to even if he can? That is 5 more years of miles he needs to put on his body that has already spent more time being an NBA player than being alive.

Bronny James Has Officially Gotten His First Sports Illustrated Magazine  Cover Before LeBron James - Fadeaway World

The James’ kids enjoy privileges their father didn’t but are making the most of their opportunities. Bronny is an influencer in his own right, and both sons are great basketball players. While they don’t match the generational talent their father has, they could easily make the NBA with the right guidance and focus.

LeBron James Attends Son Bryce James' Varisty Debut, After his NIL  Valuation Climbs to $903,000 - The SportsRush

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