A LeBron James Museum Is Now Open in Akron, Ohio

The illustrious career and life of Lebron James are displayed in a private museum of this 38-year-old superstar in Akron, Ohio.

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Fans waited in line to enter Lebron James’ home – where they could learn about Lebron James’ life including never-before-seen items throughout his journey from Akron to the NBA to the Olympics , business or charity activities that Lebron is implementing.

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Once inside, visitors will find a replica of James’ childhood apartment, including his bedroom, which is decked out with sneakers, sports posters, trophies and a stereo perched on milk crates. Some items, including the TV and computer, used to belong to James, while others were sourced elsewhere, reports Cleveland Magazine’s Danny Cunningham.

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From there, visitors can learn about James’ time at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School by wandering through a replica of the school’s basketball locker room. Also on display is a piece of the high school’s basketball court, as well as many of James’ high school trophies and jerseys.

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Step into LeBron James’ personal museum and explore the incredible career of one of basketball’s greatest players. Discover artifacts from his NBA Draft 2003, championship victories with the Cavaliers, Heat, and Lakers, and his Olympic gold medals. This unique museum, located in his childhood apartment, offers an intimate look into the life of a sporting legend. Don’t miss this fascinating experience to better understand the life of LeBron James.

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Another room explores his personal life and his off-the-court professional endeavors. It features photos of his family and screens playing some of the movies, series and audio projects he’s helped produce.

All proceeds from ticket sales will go back to the House Three Thirty area community where he grew up.

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He also acknowledged that, without the foresight of his mother, Gloria James, the museum wouldn’t be nearly as robust.

“I used to get on my mom a lot about saving everything since I was like starting first playing sports,” James told ESPN’s Dave McMenamin. “And she kind of threw it back in my face … because a lot of the [items] in there is because of the stuff that she saved. And that’s pretty cool.”


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