A centenarian woman embarks on a quest to adopt a senior dog, forging a bond so harmonious that it melts hearts around the world.-dvh

One day, Alice Ensor, who helps with adoptions at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, received an adoption application from Johanna. At first, it seemed like a regular application until Alice noticed something different—Johanna’s age. Even at 100 years old, Johanna wanted to welcome a furry friend into her life. This demonstrated just how much she cared for dogs.


“100 years old is definitely a milestone in and of itself. We don’t often have a centenarian looking to bring home a new mutt. I knew that Johanna had to be a very special dog lover to be looking for her new furry friend ahead of her 101st birthday,” Ensor shared

Even though it was a bit surprising at first, Ensor recognized the uniqueness of Johanna’s desire. She took a close look at Johanna’s situation and felt confident because she had a solid support system. With a dedicated caretaker and her daughter, Debbie, ready to assist, Ensor was reassured that the new furry family member would be well taken care of


The only thing left to figure out was: which dog would be just right for Johanna?

“Muttville’s adoptions manager, Kristin Hoff, was actually the person who realized that Gnocchi might be a great fit, and it was all pretty easy from there,” Ensor said.

Gnocchi, an older dog with a difficult history, was patiently waiting for a home at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. He had faced challenges, having lived with 22 dogs before, and now he simply wanted a place where he could be the only pup. Despite his adorable appearance, Gnocchi had a hard time finding the right match until Johanna entered the scene


Ensor said, “We set up a virtual call where Johanna could see Gnocchi in a home setting, and it was love at first sight.”

“We processed the adoption the next day, and Debbie helped pick up and bring Gnocchi to his new mom. Debbie let us know that Gnocchi walked into the house and jumped right into Johanna’s lap,” she added.


Gnocchi, now known as Gucci, has been with Johanna’s family for a whole year, and the happiness he brings is clear. As Johanna is approaching her 102nd birthday, having Gucci by her side has played a big part in keeping her happy and well.

“It’s been an amazing year with Gucci,” Johanna told Muttville. “He brings me so much joy! I love it when he sits on my lap and keeps me company. Having Gucci in my life has given me someone to love and care for, and that makes a big difference at my age.”


Gucci and Johanna have a lovely routine that shows their strong connection. Each morning, they go from the bedroom to the comfy living room, where they catch up on the day’s news while relaxing in their cozy recliner. Later in the day, Johanna’s caretaker takes care of Gucci’s daily walks.

Johanna’s daughter, Debbie, said, “They are thick as thieves. He is spoiled and rotten! He’s a couch potato who was a perfect match for my mom!”


Gucci, who was once a lonely pup, now leads a cozy life, relaxing on the couch and being cherished by Johanna. It’s a perfect connection that brings happiness to their days.

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