From Ugly Duckling to Social Media Swan: The Inspiring Journey of an Unlikely Internet Star (Video)


People say i look like a thug but i love clubs.

I take that as a compliment.

I like punks.

Flaps are pretty soft, squishy and malleable.

The bumps here, yeah, these are all part of the condition.

What i enjoy about Tic Toc is just the way it’s helped me express myself and put myself out there.

That’s definitely a benefit for me.

My condition grew as i grew right.

So, like nf1 means neurofibromatosis, neural meaning nerves.

Fibroma meaning fibrous mitosis meaning mass.

It’s like, if you imagine, like a regular nerve line.

My nerve line is like has a bunched up bunch of nerves and for me it’s covered in a plexi form, bumps around my body and stuff.

I started noticing my condition probably in about seven or eight years old.

The bumps here, yeah, these are all part of the condition.

Yeah, That’s a mole.

That’s different, but that’s part of it.

That’s one of the biggest ones i have for sure.

Our chest has a bunch of bumps as well.

When i started getting my following on social media stuff, i always got the same kind of questions, like the biggest one was: how do you shave?

I usually say: how do you shape?

Because you know it’s just shaving.

You put the shaving cream on.

Just make sure you don’t cut yourself, but the flaps are pretty soft, squishy and malleable, so it’s just pretty easy to go.

It’s probably used when i get it done.

Hey, Nick, well, i’m wrecking time.

You got breakfast nice, so how’s it going on?

Uh, social media, you know, Instagram, tick tock, stop, Bab.

I haven’t made a video for a while, but my videos still did pretty good.

When i helped on tick tock, it just took off what i think about.

Tick tock is just the way it’s helped me express myself.

There’s no way.

You just use face ID dog.

I’m surprised too.

Let’s help me get to where i am today.

So it’s been a while.

You want to make one today.

I’m down, dude.

I’m thinking something.

Let’s do it all right.

My little brother, he’s been a rock through all this.

My entire life he’s always like, supported me and defended me.

Through high school, Nick was looked at in the hallways differently.


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