Unique Study: How a Man Survived with Thousands of Snakes on His Body

Well, we started his story quite a while ago.

He did a lot of things while we were watching.

He made the train and stopped there and then, for real, played and kept snakes that scared everyone in this village.

Because of the things that he did, they all ended up calling him a wizard and a lot more.

Seeing a man that plays with snakes to this level of putting them into his mouth is unspeakable.

One of the strange things about him is that he puts up fire, and when he pours water into it, it does not stop.

If this wasn’t recorded, none would ever believe that it is true or it ever happened.

Today we bring you this man.

This time he decides to show us even more of the things that he does about the case of his neighbors, calling him a wizard and a lot more.

He says that it is true.

He is a witch doctor and he was taught and given these powers by his grandparents.

This is his story.

He is called Kalichezi.

He calls himself the grandfather of ancestors.

He has some spirits that come over him and make him do a lot of things that normal people cannot do.

Knows how dangerous it is, but he is not at all willing to stop.

The truth is that at first he was not welcoming at all.

He asked us what we wanted from him, tried scaring us away, but we talked to him and told him that we come in peace and had no bad intentions to him or anyone else.

But this wasn’t easy, say.

He accepted to talk to us and he said that he has a small house that he built outside his.

This is where he keeps his snakes, and we were so curious to know how his family members take this, because he lives with his mother and his siblings as well.

Today was different because we found him with other snacks that were still very young and dangerous.

He says that this snake was sent to him by his ancestors and they all come by themselves in this house.

There are various snacks inside, but he says that they are way too dangerous for the society and because of the children that keep playing around here, he never brings them outside.

They stay in here all the time and it is where he feeds them from.

We met him, but this time he had a lot of baby snakes, which means that he had adopted them soon, and since they are still very young.

He doesn’t put them inside and they live in a hall outside his house.

Well, he does a lot of things with snakes.

That makes some people around here so scared and surprisingly he decided to be honest with them and tell them that he is a wizard and his snakes won’t harm anyone in this village.

Some of them accept to talk to him, but most of them are still in fear.

I never want to get close to him, but he is okay with it

And he says that he totally understands how they feel, because he also hated his grandparents when they did the same things he does.

With time, he started loving the powers that they had over animals, and this is when he finally decided to start learning how they do.

This is, they were very happy to teach him, but, honestly, his parents were not.

He adopted this and this is how he wants to live for the rest of his life.

His family doesn’t like the fact that he keeps playing around with these animals, but they let him do because he proves that he loves them a lot and he loves what he does as well.

This is why they say that they are okay with it, though sometimes they also get scared.

He sleeps with this big one, and he also dug holes outside of his house, and it is where he keeps the rest, which are very young.

He says that he feels protected when the snakes are all around his house.

With the first look in this house, you cannot even notice that there are snakes inside.

He is planning on raising them until they are old enough to come into this house because, according to his plans, these snakes are not going to stay in this house forever.

Once he moves them inside, he believes that more will come.

Everyone in this village is so scared of this man, and when we were relocating him for the second time, we faced a lot of challenges, like people who pretended like they did not know his house because they didn’t want trouble with him.

Some of the people that live around here say that in order for him to live with these snakes, he removed their fang, and this way he can do whatever he wants with them because they cannot harm him.

This is a very different story from his.

A Fang is a long and pointed to thin snakes that is associated with the venom gland, and it is what is used to transfer venom from a snake into the body of another animal.

Without these fangs, a snake can be less dangerous than it naturally is.

He says that this is not at all true, because his snakes still have all the fangs and they’re still as dangerous as they should be.

It is because he has powers that they cannot kill him, and if it was another person that was playing with them like this, he is sure that he would beat it by.

Now is a grown-up man, but he has never been in a relationship, because all the girls in this society are so scared of him.

According to what he says, he does not consider this to be a big deal, because he knows that one day he will also find a wife and make a family of his own.

He says that if any of these snakes dares to bite him, it would die.

Instead, he always teaches them how to behave and know that it is him, though he does not advise anyone watching this story or anyone in the society to ever try this at all, because they would immediately lose their life.

Well, not everyone plays with such things.

The only reason why he does this is because he is a wizard.

He claims to have powers that normal humans do not have.

He believes that he can’t be harmed in whatever he is doing, very since it says that a lot of people are always possessed with spirits that they do not know.

These come and ruin their lives, and helping such people is what he does for a living.

He is very proud of what he does and loves it so much.

It is not our differences that divide us.

It is our inability to recognize, accept and celebrate those differences.

At the end of the day, everyone cannot be the same with the other and they cannot all believe and do the same things.

We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange our self may prove to be.

Thank you for watching.

My name is prince.

This is Afrimax English.

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