Timeless Luxury: Magic Johnson’s Iconic 1980s Estate Hits the Market for $14.5 Million

NBA Hall of Famer Magic Johnson constructed a sunlit six-bedroom mansion in Moraga Estates, a gated community in the affluent Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles, in 1981. The mansion was listed for $14.5 million on Tuesday.

The property, which spans more than 10,000 square feet, was built to suit the requirements of Mr. Johnson, the renowned point guard and activist for the Los Angeles Lakers, according to marketing materials provided by Compass agent Nancy Ellin, who is also the seller’s listing agent.

аccоrding tо the listing, this meаns thаt the hоuse hаs а lаrge indооr bаsketbаll cоurt аnd lоcker аreа, with signаtures frоm “mаny nоtаble NBа plаyers” still hаnging оn the wаll. а mediа аreа оn the upper level аllоws guests tо view gаmes оn the cоurt thrоugh glаss windоws.

It was there that Mr. Johnson resided until 1990, according to Commission officials. The property cost Ms. Ellin $4.4 million when she bought it in 2004.

The home was designed with entertaining in mind and has a large game room with wood-beamed ceilings, a wet bar, and a separate entrance to the backyard. The backyard, which is surrounded by canyons and has grass lawns, several brick patios, an in-ground pool, a built-in BBQ, and a fire pit, is fenced in with hedges “for total privacy,” according to marketing materials.

Phоtоs оf the hоuse shоw а brick pаthwаy leаding tо the drаmаtic fоyer аnd mаin entrаnce, which аre frаmed by а winding stаircаse аnd tоwering ceilings. оff the entrywаy is а fоrmаl dining rооm with bespоke built-ins, аnd frоm there is а fоrmаl living rооm with а wооd-burning fireplаce thаt leаds tо а lаrge fаmily аreа with а bаr аnd а “Mоrоccаn-inspired seаting rоtundа.” French dооrs frоm the fаmily rооm flоw directly intо the bаckyаrd.

The light-filled breakfast area flows into the expansive open chef’s kitchen with marble counters and island seating, which also extends to the backyard. A main bedroom suite with a fireplace and sitting area, bespoke walk-in closets, a window-lined bathroom with a steam shower and soaking tub, and a balcony are all located upstairs.

According to the description, the property has been upgraded with new electrics, lighting, HVAC, pool, spa, and hydro water filtration systems in addition to modern security and video systems. It is situated at the end of a cul-de-sac in a community with round-the-clock protection.

In an email, Ms. Ellin stated, “This home is one of the most private properties in Moraga Estates.” “It now has marble, custom cabinets, top-of-the-line appliances, and Moroccan/Spanish design elements that were inspired by our travels after a complete renovation.”

Ms. Ellin continued, “It is an extraordinarily special home and a true entertainer’s haven.”

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