This place in India is a һeɩɩ of reality, where рoіѕoпoᴜѕ snakes ɡᴜагd the treasure ( Video).

We all must have read Nagraj’s comic in our childhood. While reading the stories of that comic, children used to have a question for their elders, does Naglog really exist? But the children of the 90s have not been able to get the answer to this question till date. Apart from this, many films and serials were made on TV in which some poisonous snakes are seen protecting priceless treasures.

It is shown in them that some bad man attacks the innocent snakes in search of treasure and the snake gem and among them, the wishful snake or serpent protects the snake gem from that bad man but today we will tell you about a place which will help you. Can surprise. This place in India is a hell of reality, where people’s soul trembles when they go there.

Even today in India people worship the snake god on Nag Panchami but everyone is afraid of snakes. It is said that a snake can forgive its enemy if it wishes, but this happens very rarely. If today we talk about Naglok to anyone then they consider it as a joke but this is a true thing. Yes, the reality snake lives in Jashpur district located in Chhattisgarh state of India. People are very afraid of going to this area and the mere thought of staying here for a while makes people tremble. Here you will find a group of snakes at every step and it is said that the Eve river found here has a store of gold and around which thousands of snakes remain guarded all the time. According to the mythological stories here, several thousand years ago, the serpent god had hidden several thousand tons of gold here and before that the responsibility was given to these snakes, which the snakes are still performing even today.


Today’s people hardly believe in old things and many big scientists have also refused to believe in the existence of snake god and treasure, but because of so many snakes people are forced to believe. From cobra to many other poisonous species of snakes are present here and they live near the river. That’s why no one dares to steal that gold and even if someone tries to steal the gold by dodging those snakes, the snakes do not leave him alive.

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