The vets counted the puppies in disbelief until there were 18 tiny Dalmatians in the room.

Disney’s 101 Dalmatians turned into a reality for a Dalmatian breeder, when her dog gave birth to an astonishing number of puppies at once.

Such a number of puppies is almost every breeder’s dream, especially if they’re all born well and healthy.

But, taking care of so many puppies is a challenge as well, especially for the doggo mother that has to nurse them all.

Amazing Dalmatian Mom Gives Birth To One Of The Largest Litters Ever

One Puppy, Two Puppies, Three Puppies, Four

dalmatian dog with her puppies lying on the floor

Cecilia Langton Bunkergot has been a dog breeder for almost three decades. She raised a great amount of healthy puppies. She was always determined to deliver the best Dalmatian puppies to her clients.

However, her business was never just for profit, as she always had great love for this breed.

The majority of the doggos from CC Dalmatians (her breeding business) ended up as champions and show canines, which is why she carefully chose a first-time mom, Miley, owned by Jade Martin, and bred her with Astro Wonder Boy.

Cecilia and Jade took great care of Miley during pregnancy, including regular vet checkups, where the two got the information that Miley was expecting three puppies.

woman with her two dalmatian dogs in the park

Both breeders were very excited about the news, and became rather shocked during Miley’s labor, just like the vets, when puppies started coming out.

The vets counted the puppies in disbelief until there were 18 tiny Dalmatians in the room.

As Cecilia told 9News:

We got to 16 and thought she was done after 13 and a half hours of labour […] It was quite amazing she popped out another two, making it a world record and Australian record. I was flabbergasted to see so many.

group of people holding dalmatian puppies in their arms

House Of Puppies

All Jade Martin wanted was a new puppy for her daughter, Lulu, but she didn’t expect the pup to have 18 siblings.

After Lulu picked out her pup, Cecilia placed the rest of them in her breeding kennel.

All of the pooches were examined by the vet and are in perfect health. Although it was an amazing experience, both owners jokingly said they won’t do that again to Miley, even though she’s a great mom to them.

I have to admit that I have deep respect for Miley, as it surely wasn’t easy to nurse all of them, as you can see in this video:

Cecilia had great times with them, but the fun soon came to an end, as all of the puppies were sold, but they’ll always be remembered as the famous 18 pups.

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