Stephen Curry secretly held a sweet 10th marriage anniversary party for his partner ‎

In the world of climaxes and dramas of sports, sometimes we also witness moments of “broken love”. In particular, the love affair of Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry is one of the symbols of love in the NBA because they are always loyal and support each other in their careers.

Recently, the Golden State Warriors star and his wife just reached the 10-year milestone in marriage. Once again, fans were captivated by the romance and sweetness of this couple on their wedding anniversary.

Curry secretly held a small ceremony to recreate the wedding at their own home. He even bought his wife a wedding dress. Here, the two people once again exchanged vows and love. “My eldest daughter Riley presided over the ceremony and Ryan and Canon led me to the ceremony,” Ayesha shared with happiness.

This is not the first time that Stephen Curry scored points in the eyes of his wife and fans as a psychological husband and devoted father. He often takes his family on trips and gives them meaningful gifts to make their relationship closer.

Stephen and Ayesha first met when they were only 14 or 13 years old. A few years later, they began dating while she pursued an acting career in Hollywood. In 2011, the NBA star proposed to his wife in the parking lot of his parents’ house, where the two had their first kiss. Not long after that, they held a wedding at the same church where they first met.

The three angels Riley, Canon and Ryan are the perfect crystallization of the love between Curry and his wife. A decade is not a short journey and certainly not easy. Throughout that process, fans witnessed them supporting each other many times, whether it was joining hands on the red carpet or loudly defending each other in the face of public opinion.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the Curry couple has a dream life when they have both a successful career and a happy home. However, to achieve that, both of them have persistently nurtured and fueled this marriage from the first days. And, the recent milestone is a clear proof that they are not only a couple but also teammates.


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