Silent Witnesses: U.S. Army Veterans Recall Startling UFO Encounter in Egypt (Video)

For three U.S. Army veterans, it is “ironic” that they are sharing their account of a UFO sighting from 2014 on the same day as the U.S. Congress holds hearings on the subject with the Pentagon in the interest of “openness” despite the military having long suppressed it.

These three witnesses were Army ground soldiers stationed in the Sinai Desert on the Israel/Egypt border, whereas the most of the military UFO sightings garnering all of the media attention in recent years have been made by Navy pilots and personnel flying and floating on American shores.

These Army servicemen were similar to their Navy colleagues in the UFO seeing game in that their superior officials repressed their tales. Finally, they get the opportunity to share their story in an exclusive interview with The Daily Mail.

In December 2014, the 3rd Cavalry participated in a Multinational Force and Observers mission (MFO) that was sent to monitor the border for nine months. Sergeant Travis Bingham, E4 Specialist Vishal Singh, and Private First Class Dovell Engram were three of the soldiers that served on the operation.

Engram, who was on duty at Observation Post 3-1 in Sinai close to the Israel-Egypt border, is said to have informed Bingham of the UFOs. Engram states the object he observed was brilliant and spinning; after making a few “Did you notice that?” calls, other outposts up to 200 miles away verified his account. He then alerted Bingham, his commanding officer, who provided the following description:

“I would characterize it as a large thing that was surrounded by a number of smaller objects that seemed to be conversing or scuffling, like a dogfight in the air. It was puzzling even though we knew it wasn’t our military.

I have yet to witness anything that compares to the craft’s ability to go such a distance at such high speeds.

The largest item, according to Singh, was oval, roughly the size of a jumbo aircraft, and traveling at a height of 30,000 feet at an estimated speed of several thousand miles per hour. He saw the objects wearing night-vision goggles. It and the smaller things, according to him, were “moving like fireflies, left, right, up and down” and making rapid, sharp turns.

They report that after seeing the larger item rejoin the smaller ones, it shrank in one place before disappearing. The Israeli and Egyptian armies were consulted at that time, but neither could or would identify the craft. authorities, but both said they had no idea what the “craft” were. Bingham, Singh, and Engram vented their irritation to The Daily Mail, explaining that despite being experienced military aircraft watchers, they were unable to describe what they had seen because they were unsure of what it was.

“Don’t say anything,” was said.

Singh claims that in an effort to have him dismissed due to claims about his mental health, a higher officer chastised him for talking about UFOs, first verbally and later by issuing a disproportionate number of minor offenses.

On the same day as congressional UFO hearings involving Pentagon officials, he raised worry that other veterans who were UFO witnesses were also being hounded and bullied by high Pentagon officials.

The first inference is that since this report originated from a military base in a region of the world where aerial operations and conflicts are frequent, these must have been military drones—either ones that were already in use or, given the reported hypersonic speeds, possibly classified experimental aircraft. According to experts consulted by The Daily Mail, there are no known drones in operation in 2014 that fit these specifications.

There are still extraterrestrial spaceships. Egypt is not a hotspot of UFO activity, despite the widespread idea that ETs assisted in the construction of the pyramids. According to The Daily Mail, a “famous occurrence” occurred in 1985 at an international military facility in El Gorah when US, Norwegian, Fijian, and Colombian soldiers witnessed a brilliant object hanging outside the outer fence for ten minutes before lifting off fast.

The Daily Mail did not further elaborate on how or why Travis Bingham, Vishal Singh, and Dovell Engram were contacted or why they ultimately chose to tell their tales now, all these years later. Could it be that there is a present climate of candor around military UFO reporting? The fact that none of the three say “aliens” should be emphasized; the same was true during the Congressional hearings. Will the newly established Pentagon UFO department eventually look into this claim?


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