Passersby must not take videos to witness a giant python appearing in U Minh forest (Video)

An interesting situation happened in U Minh forest when a group of junglers accidentally filmed a giant rattan cobra. This is a rare species of snake in Vietnam and is considered a rare species.

The rattan cobra is a large snake that can grow to over 6m long and weigh up to nearly 100kg. They are predatory snakes, eating animals such as mammals, penguins, crocodiles and even some other snakes. The special thing is that the rattan cobra has a round yellow-brown spot on its back, creating a flower-like pattern on a black background.

With its large size and tremendous strength, the rattan cobra is a fearsome animal and can be dangerous to humans. However, they very rarely attack people if not threatened or involved. The appearance of rattan cobra in U Minh forest shows the biodiversity of this place, as well as the efforts to protect and maintain the mangrove ecosystem of Vietnam.

“Rắn hổ mây” khổng lồ bò giữa núi rừng thực chất là cung đường ngoạn mục bậc nhất Việt Nam, ai cũng nên thử 1 lần trong đời

The filming of the giant rattan cobra in U Minh forest is a memorable and fascinating event for those who love to explore nature. However, they also need to remember that we need to protect and preserve the life of rare animals such as the rattan cobra, to maintain and develop our natural ecosystem.

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