Online Harassment Targets LeBron James’ Son Due to Interracial Relationship

A few days ago, Bronny, the son of NBA superstar LeBron James, posted photos of himself attending a high school prom, once again attracting widespread online abuse and violence. flooded.

Because this is the second time Bronny was scolded for posting photos of her high school prom, and the reason was the same as last time
He went to prom two years in a row with his white girlfriend, Peyton Gelfuso

Why is going dancing with a white girl associated with “not loving yourself” and “not loving your culture”?
The root of all this must start with his father, basketball superstar LeBron James.
After graduating from high school and joining the NBA, LeBron not only became a top star but also became the spiritual leader of the black community after nearly two decades of hard work.

As early as 2014, Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old black boy, was shot and killed by police for “moving suspiciously”.


At that time, LeBron led a group of leading stars in speaking out to protect the black community and criticize the police’s harsh law enforcement against black people.
Since then, LeBron has become increasingly seen as an icon of black culture.
And LeBron has lived up to expectations and been at the forefront of speaking out in defense of the black community for many years.
Another example is in 2020, after the black man Floyd was killed by the police with his knee
LeBron also immediately came out and complained on Twitter:
“Why can’t America love us (black people)?

In addition to sparing no effort to speak up to protect the black community, LeBron also made a number of controversial comments related to white people.
For example, he revealed in an interview that he was never interested in being friends with white people when he was in high school.
“Growing up, I had long-held beliefs like ‘They (white people) don’t deal with us, they don’t want us to succeed.’”
LeBron admits it took him years to learn to trust white people.
He has long been a voice for the black community, considered a spiritual leader and has a personality that is “not easy to deal with” with white people, some netizens have begun to have doubts. “pure black” hope for LeBron and his family.

LeBron and eldest son Bronny

Eldest son Bronny, who brought his white girlfriend to graduation for two consecutive years, has been pushed to the forefront by public opinion.
In May last year, Bronny brought his white girlfriend Gelfoso to his graduation ceremony and was criticized by some.
This year, it’s also graduation season, it’s also dance partners, and abuse on the Internet is even more frequent.

Speaking of which, there is nothing to criticize about the relationship between the two young people.
As LeBron’s eldest son, Bronny has always performed well in basketball, was selected to the McDonald’s High School All-America Team and is considered a humble and outstanding representative of the second generation of basketball stars

His girlfriend Gelfoso is also interested in sports, playing both tennis and soccer.

Two young people who love sports bond over sports and begin a love affair, which is a beautiful story.
But just because Bronny is the son of superstar LeBron, and Guelfoso is a white girl, malicious comments appear one after another.

It should be added here that in fact, LeBron himself once took a white dance partner to a dance in high school, but very few media outlets mention this history

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