“Nigerian Boy, 13, Receives Scholarship for Civil Engineering Studies Abroad After Creating Replica of Borno Flyover Bridge Using Clay Soil”

13-Year-Old Nigerian Boy Earns Civil Engineering Scholarship Abroad After Building Borno Flyover Bridge Replica with Clay Soil

Musa Sani, a talented 13-year-old boy from Nigeria, has gained international recognition for his remarkable achievement of building a replica of the Borno flyover bridge using clay soil. This creative young teenager has recently been awarded a scholarship to study Civil Engineering at a university in the United States.

The news of Musa’s scholarship was first shared by Omasoro Ovie, a Nigerian citizen who brought Musa’s story into the public spotlight. Ovie also revealed that the scholarship includes additional benefits for Musa’s family. The sponsors have offered employment to Musa’s father and provided his mother with a financial grant of N1 million to start her own business. Furthermore, the sponsors have committed to supporting Musa’s siblings’ education expenses.

Roche Global Resources, the sponsoring organization, has pledged to offer employment opportunities to Musa’s father, provide a financial grant of N1 million to Musa’s mother for her business, and assist the family in securing a new apartment. In addition, the organization has ensured that Musa’s siblings will receive full support for their education. Musa himself will be awarded a university scholarship to pursue his studies in Civil Engineering in the United States.

Musa’s remarkable achievement not only attracted international attention but also gained recognition from the Borno State Governor, Professor Babagana Umara Zulum. Impressed by Musa’s talent, Governor Zulum awarded him a N5 million scholarship to support his secondary school education. The scholarship fund has already been paid to a private school in Borno on Musa’s behalf, with the presentation made by the Chairman of the State’s Education Trust Fund (ETF).

Musa’s remarkable story serves as an inspiration to young minds everywhere, highlighting the importance of creativity, talent, and determination. His passion for engineering has led to extraordinary opportunities for himself and his family, showcasing the power of talent and hard work in changing lives.

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