Newborn orangutan found ‘mummy’ inside cardboard fights for his life (Video)

Many wild animals are under the grave threat of habitat destruction and illegal poaching. Admittedly, it’s always heartbreaking to see a newborn animal be separated from their parents and left alone to struggle with everything.

Let’s meet Gito, the tiny orangutan that was found in cardboard. He lost his mother due to hunters, and his health condition at the time was so horrible that the rescuers didn’t think he was alive. He lost all his hair while his skin was sore. People believed a person had paid $30 to get Gito before leaving him under the sun.

“We thought he was dead, at first,” International Animal Rescue wrote on their website. “Gito’s arms were folded corpse-like across his tiny body and he looked almost mummified in his cardboard coffin. Gito had barely any hair on his body and his skin was grey and flaking from sarcoptic mange. The constant itching and pain must have been excruciating.”

Right after the discovery, rescuers brought Gito to the nearest vet, which was about nine hours away. The veterinarians were really surprised to know that he was still alive in such a condition. They appreciated the small animal’s willpower and tried their best to help him recuperate.

Gito’s serious skin infection was treated, and his heart was filled with lots of affection and love from the staff at the center. It seemed all the hugs and kisses he received from people around him made him stronger over time. His hair got back, and his sweet disposition started to show out.

After the treatment, Gito became a part of the International Animal Rescue rehabilitation program. He would spend the first seven years of his life at the shelter until he was mature enough to be introduced back into the wild. He is now living with his orangutan friends and enjoying life while constantly learning new skills, including foraging and climbing trees.

Let’s see how lovable Gito thrive in this video!

“Animals are suffering and dying because of the systematic destruction of the rainforest, primarily for palm oil production,” Lis Key, communications manager for the rescue center, shared.

We all appreciate the effort of organizations such as International Animal Rescue to safeguard vulnerable wildlife and give them a better life. However, every individual should be aware of the grave consequences of an imbalanced ecology and strive to make a collective contribution to minimizing animals’ sufferings.

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