Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto are getting summer started early. The couple was spotted in Marbella, Spain, a city and resort on southern Spain’s Costa del Sol. They enjoyed a meal at La Milla restaurant, and Jordan was kind enough to take photos with the staff.


On Tuesday, the restaurant shared a photo of the proud moment on its Instagram page. “Today, in our house, we received a very special visit. Thank you very much, Jordan!” They wrote in the caption.


The retired athlete and businessman always has a reason to enjoy life on a luxurious vacation. According to Sur in English, the 60-year-old retired athlete has been staying at the Marbella Club, in the most distinguished area of the resort. The photo was snapped at La Milla Marbella, which is recognized as the best beach bar of 2019 and run by award-winning chef Javier Ruiz.

Yvette was not in the photo, but she was captured on video walking hand and hand in the city with her 6’6 husband.


As for how they are spending their days, Sur in English reports he has been playing golf. He’s also been spotted puffing cigars as he is escorted around the town with Yvette and the rest of his entourage.

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