‘MAGIC VICTORY’ – Anthony Davis and D’Angelo Russell score big with 12 fourth-quarter points in Lakers’ 106-103 win over Orlando ‎

After a rough stretch, the Lakers managed to right the ship and beat the Magic by a score of 103-106.

The inexperienced Orlando Magic were defeated by the veteran Los Angeles Lakers by a score of 103-106 in a nail-biting, dramatic game. In the event that the squad did not pull off the victory, the supporters were prepared to vent their frustrations on social media, but instead they are happy that the team was successful.Jalen Suggs was taking criticism for his inability to capitalize on a variety of opportunities in the closing minutes of the game. The ups and downs of emotion that Lakers supporters go through after each victory were the subject of a running joke among the crowd.

Other fans were not as impressed as those fans, and they voiced their opinions.Anthony Davis, who had another spectacular night on the boards for the Lakers, was the team’s driving force. In addition to his 26 points, he pulled down 19 rebounds, proving to everyone who doubted him that he is capable of rising to the responsibility of being the primary star for the Lakers.

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D’Angelo Russell’s 28 points and eight assists were the deciding factor in the game, which led to the team’s victory. LeBron James had a rocky start to the game and labored through the first three quarters, but he found his groove down the stretch and finished with 19 points, three rebounds, four assists, three steals, and a block that sealed the victory.Even though the Magic’s offense struggled, the Magic were able to keep the Lakers at bay with their tenacious defense and quick pace.

Off the bench, Gary Harris led them in scoring with 17 points, and Jalen Suggs and Franz Wagner each scored 16 and 15 points respectively. Paolo Banchero had a lot of trouble winning the battle in the paint against AD and was unable to do so. He only ended up scoring nine points, adding yet another poor game to the early struggles he’s had this season.The Los Angeles Lakers were able to avoid getting off to a terrible start to the season. If the Lakers had lost tonight, it would have triggered a state of fear among their fanbase.

How LeBron James, Anthony Davis connect to reach NBA Finals - Los Angeles  Times

Thankfully, the team’s fourth-quarter discipline paid off against a young Magic squad that was unable to maintain the great play they had early in the game. Nevertheless, the Lakers cannot be content with their performance despite eking out a narrow victory against a team that a contender should anticipate dominating.Although the defense performed admirably for significant portions of today’s game, the offensive difficulties that have been plaguing this club were also a major topic of discussion.

LeBron James has had a fantastic start to the year, but he has been playing uncharacteristically poorly for the first three quarters of the game before turning things around in the fourth quarter. However, despite the fact that his presence contributes to greater opportunities for the Lakers in general, his scoring has been a little disappointing as of late due to the fact that he is settling for more jump shots than ever before.

Lakers' Anthony Davis to wear own name on jersey in Orlando | KLRT -  FOX16.com

The Magic were unbeaten coming into the game, and they gave the Lakers a genuine fight for their money, which suggests that they may be a better team than was first thought. However, regardless of how difficult the game was, the Lakers will be pleased with the victory, especially considering that it came on the second night of a back-to-back set.

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