LeParents! LeBron and Savannah James, their proud parents, were pictured grinning during their oldest son Bronny’s graduation ‎

Bronny did not let the vicious attacks stop him from walking across the stage to accept his diploma on Thursday in Chatsworth, California.

Both LeBron and Savannah were giddy with anticipation. LeBron was seen holding his two sons, Bronny and Bryce, and smiling widely after the Lakers’ season-ending loss to the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday. LeBron’s high school love Savannah was also present, doting on Bronny as he fussed over his formal attire.

On Instagram, the older James reminisced about the day and encouraged Bronny to keep reaching for the stars.

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LeBron James and his wife Savannah attend their son Bronny’s graduation ceremony.

‘Congratulations grandson!!!!’ Gloria, LeBron’s mom, captioned a snapshot of a beaming Bronny pointing at the camera. You’ve been a constant source of pride for me. I was very proud of you before tonight, but seeing you receive your diploma made me feel much more so.

I hope that the next stage of your young adult life is filled with nothing but joy and achievement.

“Keep spreading your wings and reaching for the stars. I appreciate you very much.

Team James, Bronny’s family, posted two videos of him at the event on their Instagram.

As he made his way across the football pitch and onto the platform for the ceremony, he couldn’t hide the grin on his face.

The high school career of Bronny James ends with his enrollment at USC.

James, on his memorable graduation day, appears overjoyed as he crosses the football pitch.

Days earlier, he had dressed up for his senior prom in anticipation of his upcoming season of NCAA basketball.

Pictures of the NBA legend’s eldest son at his California prom were posted on Instagram by his mother, Savannah James, and he looked sharp in a black suit.

The 6-foot-3 defender dressed for the event in a tailored black Chrome Hearts suit and Dior shoes.

The front, back and cuffs of the jacket, as well as the outer seam of the trousers, were all adorned with Chrome Hearts’ signature heart motif. Bronny removed his shirt and wore only his expensive jacket.

Peytо𝚗 Gelfusо, 19, wҺо Һаs bee𝚗 rumоureԀ tо be Brо𝚗𝚗y’s gιrlfrιe𝚗Ԁ, sҺоweԀ up lооkι𝚗g stu𝚗𝚗ι𝚗g ι𝚗 а strаpless blаck sаtι𝚗 gоw𝚗.

Reports state that Gelfuso, whose long blonde hair was worn in loose curls down her back, is a former student of Sierra Canyon High.

With his upcoming freshman year at USC, Bronny dressed up for his senior prom over the weekend.

Mom was “lost for words” after seeing the Instagram images of her son Bronny posing outside the house and even in front of the family’s black Porsche.

Savannah, who has two other children with LeBron, Bryce, 15, and Zhuri, 8, captioned the post “Prom 2023” with two black heart emojis.

According to her Instagram bio, Gelfuso is a member of the Tri Delta sorority at Southern Methodist University (SMU), which puts her in Dallas.

Bronny went to prom with Gelfuso last year, too, but after posting photos of the happy couple online, he was subjected to vicious racial slurs.

As soon as word got out that he was taking a “light-skinned” girl to the prom, he was inundated with hateful remarks from internet trolls.

One user commented, “Not a light-skinned woman already,” while another said, “Welp, on the bright side, LeBron has more kids.” Who knows, maybe they’ll improve.

That girl is whiter than white, bruh,” someone else chimed in.

‘Should’ve got a black queen like his dad,’ said a fourth tweet, accompanied by an angry face emoji.

‘Lost another black king to a money-hungry white girl,’ another Twitter user wrote. “Bron needs to step it up, SMH.”

Somebody else called her a “gold digger,” referencing Kanye West’s song of the same nаme, while others just expressed their displeasure with GIFs and memes.

The 6-foot-3 guard committed to USC last week by signing his National Letter of Intent.

Bronny, a member of the Sierra Canyon School’s incoming Class of 2023, has already verbally committed to playing basketball at USC next year.

A five-star recruit, the fourth-best prоspect in California, the fifth-best combo guard, and the 21st-best prоspect in the country, the younger James was ranked highly by 24/7sports.com.

Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Oregon were all interested in Bronny, and he also received scholarship offers from USC, Memphis, and Ohio State.

LeBron has made waves this week after hinting at retirement following the Lakers’ playoff exit. He has previously announced his wish to play with his son in the NBA.

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