Injured Stray Dog Crashes Wedding Ceremony And Gets Adopted By Newlyweds-d5

Most people believe that wedding crashers are highly unwelcome visitors, but this amazing story might just turn our perspective around!

Why, you ask?

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time you meet the pawesomest wedding crasher ever – Caramelo! This amazing doggo crashed a random couple’s wedding, and he ended up being the wedding’s hit!

Caramelo mingled among the guests like it wasn’t a big deal, and when the time came – he stood by the door to give the newly-married couple a special gift – his warm hugs and kisses!

And then, the most amazing thing happened…

The Pawfect Wedding Crasher

Tamíris Muzini, the interior designer, and her fiance, Douglas Robert, always loved the idea of getting a dog, and it seems that destiny heard their wishes right at the perfect time!

Caramelo, a stray, injured dog, came out of nowhere that day. Muzini and Douglas were about to say their wedding vows to each other in a local church when this amazing boi crashed the ceremony.

He entered the church and mingled around the assembled crowd like it was the most casual thing. Then, he laid on the floor and peacefully watched the ceremony unfold.

It was as if he knew what was going to happen next, so the dog soon stood up and waited for the couple at the door.

And then, it happened!

Greeting Newlyweds At The Door

When Muzini and Douglas stepped out of the church, Caramelo was the first one to congratulate them! He approached the newlyweds with so much enthusiasm and a wagging tail, and started giving him the warmest hugs ever!

The couple was very overjoyed to see the dog attending their wedding ceremony, and they just couldn’t stay immune to how sweet he was.

The adorable encounter was captured by a wedding photographer, and it soon made headlines all over the world!

This moment of total sweetness captured the couple’s heart. For a few seconds there, the dog stood on his hind legs, as if he was trying to say: “Take me with you, hoomans! I belong with you!”

Muzini and Douglas immediately decided to adopt Caramelo. They just knew that he was meant to be a part of their new family, so they took him in and welcomed him into their new home.

Caramelo was thrilled to embark on a new life journey with his new pawrents! It was as if he was their family the whole time, as he just felt so comfy around his new owners.

The Ideal Family Member

It didn’t take long for Caramelo to completely adapt to the new life. Judging from his sore nose and his injured paw, he didn’t have such a glamorous start in life, but all that was about to change.

Tamiris and Douglas subjected him to treatment, and in just a few short months, Caramelo was a brand-new dog.

“About to complete 1 year of marriage, we realized that there really is no Douglas without Tamiris, Tamiris without Douglas and neither one without Caramelo,” they wrote on Caramelo’s official Instagram.

Today, this trio lives the best life together. Caramelo embarks on new adventures with his pawrents on a daily basis, and he just can’t get enough of them!

He’s such a sweet and energetic dog that enjoys every single thing about his life. And, if we can say one thing with certainty, it’s that Caramelo definitely would not change a thing! Once a stray dog with a rough past, he’s now the family’s dearest companion!

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