Heartwarming Reunion: Beloved Owner and Little Chihuahua Share an Unforgettable Moment-d2

Earlier this month, Rudy Armstrog had a peculiar experience while on his boat. He had been sitting for too long and his foot had fallen asleep, causing him discomfort. When he woke up, he realized that he couldn’t move his arm. That’s when Bubu, his loyal Chihuahua mix, came to his rescue. The perceptive dog immediately sensed that something was off and tried to comfort Armstrog. Unfortunately, he was unable to reach his phone to call for help. So he turned to his furry friend and said, “I need help. Go find Kim.” Fortunately, Bubu was well-trained and knew exactly what to do.

She quickly disembarked from the boat and headed towards the maripa, where she met Kim, the dock captain. However, something was different this time as her furry friend didn’t jump or lick her like he usually did. Instead, he stopped in front of her and lay down on his side. Brady Popp, who works in public relations for CaroliEast Health System, shared the incident with The Geezer. After the encounter, Kim accompanied her back to the boat, where they found that Armstrong had suffered a stroke. Kim immediately called 911 while taking care of Bubu until the paramedics arrived and took Armstrong to the hospital.

Bubu’s prompt actions facilitated his father’s speedy recovery, while Armstrog deeply missed his dear companion after spending several weeks in the hospital and rehabilitation center. Popp recounted how he tearfully made his way to Rudy’s room to learn about Bubu’s significant role in his life. He had the pleasure of sitting with Armstrog for more than an hour and listened attentively to his life stories, including his time in the Navy and the unique bond he shared with Bubu. Popp felt compelled to facilitate a relationship between Armstrog and Bubu since he did not have any close friends or family.

On the reunion day, Armstrog was taken to the facility’s garden, but he did not seem very excited. However, his daughter Rdy was ecstatic and couldn’t contain her happiness. Kim and Bubu also arrived, and although the dog appeared a bit confused at first, he quickly recognized his father in the familiar surroundings.

As soon as Rudy removed his mask, Bubu knew it was him and rushed towards him. Bubu jumped on Rudy’s lap and started licking his face. Popp, who witnessed the beautiful moment, shared how everyone in the room was moved by the obvious joy that Rudy and Bubu displayed. After being freed, Armstrong is now happily reunited with Bubu on his ship, where they can hug and kiss each other for another day.

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