Grandma Celebrates Her 89th Birthday With Ten Dogs -d5

No, this isn’t one of those heartbreaking stories. I know many old people are left on their own in desperate need of companionship, especially on important dates like birthdays.

But, Maria isn’t a poor old grandma left on her own. She’s a blessed lady who has a loving family surrounding her.

And, a bunch of friends, too!

But, the only thing is… Maria’s best friends walk on all fours. No, that doesn’t mean her friends need wheels to move around because of old age.

Maria’s best friends are dogs… ten of them!

With her 89th birthday fast approaching, her daughter came up with the best party idea ever.

Check out how Maria celebrated turning 89 and try to tell us you wouldn’t like the same birthday party!

It’s Party Time

In Maria’s home, family is everything. They’re all tightly connected and wouldn’t change a thing about it. Well, isn’t that what matters the most?

This sweet old lady lives with her daughter and her family, but their home isn’t crowded at all. It’s packed with loving creatures and blessed with 10 furry family members.

Maria loves dogs and she has devoted her life to making their lives a whole lot better. Her ten pooches live like kings and treat Maria like their queen.

“She loves living with animals. She loves to cuddle with them.”, said Maria’s daughter, Victoria.

It’s a bit rare these days to see someone turn 89. People go young, and living well into their 9th decade is pretty incredible. The whole family agreed they had to make a special party for grandma Maria.

But, what kind of party? Cake, dancing, fun games, and a bunch of people are a bit outdated, don’t you think? Maria needed something extra to make her 89th b-day memorable.

And, sure enough, they gave her something extra:

A party with all her 10 pups included! 

“The dogs loved participating in Grandma’s party!” Victoria said. “Here, they are treated as part of the family. They participate in everything.”

There were treats for everyone, including the dogs, and, of course, a cake!

All the dogs sat down around the table, waiting to get their share of cake. They honored Maria with their presence and gave her the best gift possible: their unconditional love!

Maria’s heart was full. She couldn’t have wished for a better birthday party!

A few days ago, on July 23rd, was Maria’s 90th birthday. She’s still alive, healthy, and enjoying her life with her 10 four-legged friends.

We can’t wait to see what kind of party the family has planned for her this year! I bet there will be even more dogs… this time wearing party hats!

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