“Extraordinary Transformation: The Boy With Giant Legs Who Left Everyone Speechless” (Video)



Foreign is filled with many challenges and obstacles.

A lot of people are going through tough and terrible situations, but there are problems that are Way Beyond human understanding, and when we meet them, we feel like we are going through nothing.

Compared to this, we bring you a story of a 20 year old boy that’s going through a lot of pain that he even fails to say he has been like this for eight years now.

His siblings are the ones that keep fighting, one day after another, for his life, but this is unbearable to most of us.

It’s just too much foreign.

He has spent almost all his life suffering.

This has not only ruined his life, but his siblings lives as well.

They are all jobless and they don’t work anymore.

They keep struggling to give a life to their young brother, though it’s turning out to be very difficult.

Meet Him

Today we are in Tanzania and in one of the homes of this country is where we found her.


He is 20 years old.

This is his elder brother.

He is called Saidi.

This is their sister too.

She is a mother of two children, and here goes their story.

He was born as a normal child, just like any other baby boy.

He always played and had a lot of fun with others in their community.

He was living with his mother because his sister was married and his brother was also an adult, which means that they had their homes, But but they used to visit sometimes.

The Fracture

Everything was okay, but one day, as Hamis was playing his lead and fell down, hence breaking his leg, his mother carried him to the nearby hospital for treatment, but Hermese was transferred to a bigger Hospital.

Physically, the fracture was simple, but the doctors claimed that it was more than what they just saw at the hospital.

They were transferred to.

Treatment was done, but unfortunately it failed and they were also transferred to another, bigger hospital.

That also failed.

His mother was confused and wondered what was going on.

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