Dinosaurs or king cobras? The viral photo of a long snake standing upright and holding its head high in the air is real (Video)

Is that a Black Mamba? a King Cobra? or a Dinosaur? A viral photo of a really long snake standing up and raising its head high in air left netizens quite perplexed. After all, such a sight is not as common as one would like to believe. So, what is it? Let’s find out.

Dinosaur or King Cobra? Viral Photo of Long Snake Standing Up and Raising Its Head High in Air Is Real! | 🔎 LatestLY

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A video was shared on social media with captions that claimed it showed a very long “snake standing up” and “raising its head.” Readers wanted to know whether it showed a king cobra, black mamba, or other kind of snake.

Video Of King Cobra Standing Tall Goes Viral

Recently, IFS officer Susanta Nanda shared a bizarre video on his Twitter account. In the clip, someone filmed a long King Cobra snake that was standing tall and towering over the small trees in the area. 

The snake looked like it was trying to see beyond the trees and map out its location as it hovered inches over land as its lower body supported its hovering head and body. The IFS officer explained in his caption, “The king cobra can literally “stand up” and look at a full-grown person in the eye. When confronted, they can lift up to a third of its body off the ground.”


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