Billionaire NBA Michael Jordan Spent $3,500,000 on a Rare Car With Only 30 Units in the World

Every NBA fan might be aware of Michael Jordan‘s love for cars. He expanded his collection of rides last year when he added the custom Hennessey Venom F5 Roadster. It is believed to be the world’s fastest and one of the strongest convertible, clocking a top speed of 300 mph. Apart from the car, there is a secret delivery guy who has recently come into the spotlight. In a recent episode of ‘VinWIKI’ with Vinny Russo, Michael Jordan’s car story came up.

MJ is a known fan of customized cars which appeal to the way he wants them. He has a range of cool cars in his garage including Porsche 911 997 GT3 RS 4.0, Ford GT, Ferrari 488 Pista Spider, and others.

Having Splurged $3,500,000 on a ‘Beast Machine’, Michael Jordan’s ‘1 of 30’ Hypercar Allegedly Set to Be Showcased to the World on August 18

Who is the secret car delivery guy of Michael Jordan?

More than cars, MJ is known for his love for motorbikes. He even owned a motorsport team back in the day named ‘Michael Jordan Motosrports’ but the GOAT has not opened up much about this.

However, the video provides the interesting story of John Hennessey, CEO of Hennessey Performance Engineering, who shares a secret relationship with MJ. He built a private bond with the GOAT respecting his privacy, which he does with a lot of his other clients.

Talking about the value of privacy that John has for his clients, Russo said,

“Hennessey delivered one of the new Venom F5s to Michael Jordan. Us that are in the high-end car world, know that Jordan is a big collector of motorcycles and he had a motorcycle race team for a while and you know, he’s got a lot of stuff he is very very very private about. So, Hennessey’s relationship with Jordan for years has been kept very private.”

And not just MJ, but John is also alleged to have a secret relationship with a lot of his high-end clients including Adam from Maroon 5, Tim McGraw, etc. Apart from these, John has also built relationships and delivered cars to several other basketball and football athletes.

MJ acquired an exclusive (only 30 cars globally) Venom F5

MJ’s love for his cars is very eminent. Once, he was almost about to blow up his Nike deal for a Mercedes that he wanted at that time. But his Hennessey was a special one, as these are a limited edition with only 30 of them existing globally.

Owning a cool ride is surely a dream come true. Furthermore, Michael Jordan has the resources and contacts to fulfill his dreams. Moreover,  to have the CEO himself deliver it to you is an absolute privilege and MJ undoubtedly deserves it.

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