A Tale of Inspiration: The Bipedal Dog’s Path to Positive Transformation-d7

When this special Nubby pup was born, he was missing his front two legs as a result of a birth defect. The poor thing was very weak, as well — no one knew if he’d even survive his first night on this Earth. The vet decided the best thing to do would be to euthanize him. Luckily, Lou Robinson and her husband didn’t agree with his sentiment.

Nubby was born with a congenital defect that left him with only two limbs. Without his front legs, the vets weren’t sure how the pup would survive. He would be unable to push his way through his siblings to get to his mother’s milk or to learn basic survival techniques with the rest of his litter. “His siblings were pushing him out of the way. ” Lou Robinson, Nubby’s foster mom, told.

Robinson is the founder of an animal rescue group called Warriors Educate About Rescue. She and her husband learned about all the ways they could improve Nubby’s chances of survival. However, they also knew that taking care of such a young puppy with a severe disability wouldn’t be easy. They gladly accepted the challenge, bottle feeding him regularly and making sure he was as comfortable as possible in his new home. Nubby did not just survive, but he thrived.

“Day 3 came and went, day 7, day 10, day 16 and Nubby thrived. He THRIVED,” Robinson said on Nubby’s social network page. “His eyes opened, his ears developed, he found his sounds, smells, and voice. His teeth were developing. Nubby did not know he was disabled, Nubby did not realize he was different.”

The doggie is back with his foster parents, and they are taking it day by day. He just turned 5 weeks old, and his favorite thing is snuggles with his dad. “As long as he has a chance at quality of life, we will fight to give him that chance.” “Different is NOT Disposable. In order to change the future, we must teach the present,” Robinson said.

Now, Nubby has grown into a wonderful dog. You can barely recognize him as the tiny two-legged pup that needed to be regularly bottle-fed. The Robinsons love him more and more each day and are so proud to see the sweet, adorable dog he’s grown into thanks to the love and care of his family.

In fact, Nubby is now able to live a relatively normal life. He has dog friends to play outside with, he plays with his owners every chance he gets, and he even goes swimming every once and a while. He’s nothing but sweet to every person he meets. Recently, he was given a custom wheelchair to help him get around even easier.

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